Ann: MovingImages alpha version 0.1a is released

I’m pleased to announce this first alpha release of MovingImages. Writing the using MovingImages documentation has taken longer than could have been imagined. The reference documentation is not yet written.

Download MovingImages:

Instructions for Installing:

Introduction to what MovingImages is:

The Using MovingImages documentation:

An alpha release of software is a pre-release version of the software, that is not feature complete but that has useful functionality that can test the design of the software. There are significant important features of MovingImages that are missing like image filters, and movie frame processing. These will come in future releases of MovingImages.

Please make suggestions, especially about image processing scripts you’d like to see written, report any bugs that you find, including documentation bugs. I am super keen to help people get started writing their own scripts for MovingImages so if you would like to do so don’t hesitate to get in touch. My e-mail is support[at]

I intend to keep MovingImages as a free product.

MovingImages comes with a collection of image processing scripts.

This is a copy of my blog post announcing the release of MovingImages.