[ann] new eBook "FileMaker Pro Scripting Book with AppleScript"

This is an e-book that comprehensively explains the description when controlling “FileMaker Pro” from the scripting language “AppleScript” installed as standard on macOS, while emphasizing the basics. It consists of a 139-page PDF and an appendix Zip file. Price: JPY 3,000

We have Masayuki Nii, a FileMaker Pro expert, as the supervisor, and we are writing based on the latest FileMaker Pro situation.





AboutFileMaker Pro
FileMaker Pro, a database application
Components of database document
Condition to access from AppleScript
Column【FileMaker Pro product family】
Launch Script Editor
Launch Script Editor!
Change Lexical color settings
Input your first AppleScript
Save your AppleScript
Check FileMaker Pro’s scripting dictionary
Security Settingsin macOS
“Security & Privacy” pane
Important privacy settings
Set-up “Extended Privileges”
Add Extended Privileges to FMDB①
Add Extended Privileges to FMDB②
Add Extended Privileges to FMDB③
Column【Minimum Privileges】
Launch FileMaker Pro From AppleScript
Two control styles
Launch FileMaker Pro.app
Quit FileMaker Pro.app
Column【Ident FileMaker Pro/Advanced】
Open Database
Name and extension of document
Get database name
Close database
Open a database
Get document info
Column【Path styles which FileMaker Pro require】
Open RemoteDatabase
3 types of servers
“fmp://” URL format
Server ①(FileMaker Pro, Peer to peer)
Server ②(FileMaker Server)
Server ③(FileMaker Cloud)
Column【How to enable peer-to-peer sharing】
Column【TCP/IP port number of FileMaker Pro series】


Get info fromtables
Get table info from document
Get name of fields in the table
Get field information from the table
Change layout
Check the existence of the layout
Change the layout
Column【Unusable functions for AppleScript】
Get current record
Use current record
Column【Record id = Unique numbers】
Get / set info from various fields
Kinds of field
Use field object to access FM fields
Text field
Text field with style attribute
Number character field
Date, Time, timestamp field
Container field
Write image to container field (direct data store)
Analyze container field (2/1)
Analyze container field (2/2)
Calculation field (Read Only)
Get value list of slection UI embedded field
Repetition field (whole access)
Repeating field (element access)
Column【If you can’t access the field from AS】
Get current records in current view
Current records in the current view
Process records currently contained in the view
Make new record and set data
Create new record
Create new record and set data
Create new record with data
Sort a table
Table sorting (from GUI)
Table sorting command (mono-key)
Table sorting command (multiple-key)
Simple find
Easy find command = show


Find by multiple conditions
Find record from GUI
Find execution step with mono-condition
Find execution step with uni-condition
Complex find with multiple request
How to process the result from multi-req
Delete records
Delete current record
Delete every record in the current view
Delete every record
Specify the target database
database 1 = front document@FileMaker Pro
How to know the name of front document
Access frontmost document
Call FileMaker Script
Check the existence of the FileMaker Script
Call FileMaker Script
Call FM Script via URL events
“fmp://” format ②
Write AppleScript in the FileMaker Script
Script step"Execute AppleScript"
Unique problem in "Execute AppleScript"script step
Check the keyword confliction
How to de-select selected fields
Get the file path of FileMaker Pro document
Convert path from FileMaker Pro script

–Samples and Data

Sample Scripts
AppleScript-able function mapping
To ignore the difference with FileMaker Pro and Advanced
Sample: QR image recognition in the obj field
Sample: Add fields as you like
AppleScript vs FileMaker Pro
AppleScript only script (Cocoa Scripting)
FileMaker Pro calling script
FileMaker Pro’s AppleScript Dictionary
FileMaker Pro scripting dictionary
AppleScript Standard reserved words
AppleScript references
Technical Supervisor’s Afterword
Author’s Postscript