[ANN] Script Geek turns 2.0

I’ve finally got around to updating and notarizing my tool for time-toters. Script Geek 2 is available here:


Script Geek 2.0.2, a universal version, is now available.


It is very difficult for any third-party application to settle on my computer. But Script Geek, Script Debugger, BBedit are just better products than Apple’s own. Thanks for the update. Very cool product.

Thanks Shane for the new version. My computer is a 2018 Mac mini and my os is Catalina. Is there any reason to upgrade from Script Geek 2.01 to 2.02?

The only difference between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 is that the latter will run native on the new Macs. It’s just the same code recompiled in a newer version of Xcode – it’s not an upgrade in any sense. (It has been tested on an Arm Mac, of course.)

But if anyone here does have one of the new Macs, it should give us an indication of how AppleScript fares…