[ANN]Uni Detector v1.2 released on Mac App Store, now Scriptable!

Hi everyone,

I released an update release of application Uni Detector whole written in AppleScript.
Uni Detector is an universal binary detector. Uni Detector works with macOS 10.13 or later.
It recognize each application’s binary architecture and display in table view.


New Features:
–New: Uni Detector is scriptable. You will be able to check apps in various location by using “check arch” command. Uni Detector’s sdef contains full AppleScript sample code and include click-to-use applescript:// URL link in it like my blog.
–New: “Mac CPU Architecture Trend” popup display from menu
–Bug Fix: Every file commands did not work. Fixed now.
–Bug Fix: Pretty mis-spelling

Urgent update v1.2.1 released.

…v1.2’s scroll bar is located out of the main Window. I just fixed it.