Another AppleShare & AppleTalk Question

This question may or may not have an Applescript answer, but it is Applescript related, so here goes:

I’ve got two G3’s (one desktop and one laptop) running OS 9.2.2 that are connected by a crossover Ethernet cable so that I can link them together via AppleTalk and synchronize my documents between them. I mount the laptop as a volume on the desktop, so I guess that puts the laptop into the server position.

Recently, I had a catastrophic failure with the laptop and had to wipe the drive. I rebuilt everything and reinstalled everything. So far, so good. Only one problem: the script I had written (for the desktop computer) to automatically mount the laptop on the desktop suddenly does not work. I can still mount it via the Chooser, but the same script that worked before the wipe no longer does. It was quick and dirty, and looked something like this:

on run
mount volume “My HD” on server “My iBook” as user name “Me” with password “My Password”
on error
display dialog “The remote volume is not responding correctly. Check the AppleTalk and Location Manager settings and try again.”
end try
end run

Like I said, this used to work just fine, but now is throwing the vague -5016 “No Server” error, so I suspect that there is something going on on the server side in terms of settings, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I have:

AppleTalk on, set to Ethernet
File Sharing and Program Linking on
TCP/IP set to Ethernet
“Get Info” for the volume set to share, with my username having access
Trashed AppleShare prefs

So, what am I missing? Like I said, I don’t know if the problem lies in the script, but maybe there is some workaround in the script I could implement, or maybe someone knows what part of this I am doing wrong. I’ve scoured the internet for advice, and found some people with similar problems on other sites, but no compelling answers. Anyway, any help is appreciated in advance.

Model: Clamshell iBook G3, Beige G3
AppleScript: 1.8.3
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.17
Operating System: Mac OS 9.2.x