Another email script headache

Hi all,
with help from my last posting, I have come up with another script I am trying to get to work correctly. I want the script when run look at a folder, and if the contents have changed within the last time the script was run, an email is generated. So if there are files that were there before, only newly added files are put into a list and sent.
Here is my script:

property retention : 1 * hours
on run
	open {choose folder}
end run
on open source_folder
	set start_time to (current date)
	set source_folder to item 1 of source_folder as string
	set cut_off to start_time - retention
	set the_files to list folder (source_folder as alias) without invisibles
	set files_to_email to {}
	repeat with this_file in the_files
		set this_file to text of this_file
			set the_info to (get info for of ((source_folder & this_file) as alias))
			if (creation date of the_info) < cut_off then set end of files_to_email to ((source_folder & this_file) as alias)
		end try
	end repeat
	set curDate to (current date) as text
	tell application "Mail"
		set this_message to make new outgoing message at beginning of outgoing messages
		tell this_message
			set visible to true
			make new to recipient at beginning of to recipients ¬
				with properties {address:"", «class rdsn»:"John Smith"}
			set subject to "New Files Received - " & curDate
			set msgContent to "The following files were received: " & return
			repeat with this_file in the_files
				set msgContent to msgContent & return & this_file
				set content to msgContent
			end repeat
		end tell
	end tell
	return (current date) - start_time
end open

My problem is it always sends all files listed in the folder, not just newly added files/folders.

thanks for your help!

You can radically simplify your script by simply:

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