Any Applescriptable methods to post on Twitter?

Having a hard time finding any tools to post to Twitter with Applescript. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Is this any help?

Twitter Scripter is no longer available on the app-store. Apparently Apple rejected it based on the name.


Thanks and too bad, that sounded pretty good! Anyone else have any tips? Gracias!

It is downloadable from now.

(Full disclosure, it’s written by a friend of mine.)

When I wrote a script to interact with a website, I had to use a mix of AppleScript and JavaScript. I learned how to mix the JavaScript in with the AppleScript on a site called Cube MG. There’s a bunch of tutorials on the site.

Thanks, Nick, I was able to post a tweet with Twitter Scripter in Mavericks, excellent! I feel a tweetstorm coming on… However, it doesn’t seem to work in Sierra (“AppleEvent timed out”). Maybe I have to turn SIP off, or ???

Also thanks to pcLoadLetter, I will check out that site.