Any Illustrator gurus out there? Help with compression?

The dictionary for Illustrator says that compression can be applied via the Illustrator save options:

Illustrator save options‚n : Options which may be supplied when saving a document as an Illustrator file
compatibility (Illustrator 10/Illustrator 11/Illustrator 3/Illustrator 8/Illustrator 9/Japanese 3) : what Illustrator file format version to create ( default: Illustrator 11 )
compressed (boolean) : should the saved file be compressed (default: true, version 10 or later) ( default: true )
embed ICC profile (boolean) : embed the document’s ICC profile in the saved file (version 9 or later) ( default: false )
embed linked files (boolean) : are linked image files to be included in the saved document (versions 7 or later) ( default: false )
flatten output (preserve appearance/preserve paths) : how should transparency be flattened for older file format versions (pre-version 9) ( default: preserve appearance )
font subset threshold (real) : include a subset of fonts when less than this percentage of characters are used (version 9 or later) ( 0.0 - 100.0; default: 100.0 )
PDF compatible (boolean) : save as a PDF compatible file (version 10 or later) ( default: true )

However, I have tried including (compressed:true) in my code and also not including it”since it claims it does this by default. Either way it does not appear to apply it.

Is this a bug in Illustrator or am I overlooking something with how I set up my save options?

save current document in newFile as Illustrator with options {class:Illustrator save options, embed linked files:true, PDF compatible:true, font subset threshold:0.0, compressed:true}

Hi Jeffkr

This Works for me in CS4, sorry i can’t test as far back as illustrator 11, i tried various versions of all the options and they all worked fine.

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	save current document as Illustrator with options {class:Illustrator save options, embed linked files:false, PDF compatible:true, font subset threshold:0.0, compressed:true}
	close document 1 saving no
end tell

Hope this helps. i imagine if its not working for yourself then it is a bug like you suggest and may have been fixed in the newer versions.


Thank you Pidge for taking the time and posting this response. I tried your code, and still no luck with Illustrator 11. But yes it does work with CS4. This is good news though. At least I was able to confirm, for I thought I was doing something wrong. I appreciate all of your help.


I can verify that this does not work as expected in CS. I’m guessing that the Illustrator scripting language support was rushed, because I’ve spotted a number of such issues in that software.