Anybody know how to manually execute a rule (by name) via AppleScript

So, I have a bunch of rules today that color messages by category, based on domain and Address Book group members. Although I have folders for the different categories, I don’t like automatically moving the messages into those folders, preferring to wait until I’ve read them and know I’m done with them (i.e. I keep things in my inbox as reminders).

I’d like to write a single script (which I can then assign a command key to, via Keyboard Shortcuts) that auto-files the selected message(s) based on the same conditions I use to color them. I could write a big old honkin’ script (I think) that emulated all the rule conditions, but I change my rules fairly regularly. What I’d rather do is leverage the existing rules, or duplicate an existing rule and add the move option to it - but in that case the rule would have to be inactive.

Anybody know a way to manually execute a rule (by name) via AppleScript, or have another take on this in general?

I believe you want to be using

perform mail action with messages  someMessages for rule aRule 

and you can use apple script to enable or disable rules its all in the dictionary

Yeah, I looked at that, but none of the examples of usage work the way I want them to. The script isn’t going to be executed by a rule - I want the script to execute a rule.