anyone know how to manipulate iTunes folder playlists ?

Looking around, I can only find examples of adding playlists to folder playlists.

I am interested in working with current folder playlists, seeing what they contain, moving playlists into/outof/between folders

Any clues for this clueless one ?


making folder playlists and moving generic playlists is quite easy

tell application "iTunes"
	make new folder playlist with properties {name:"test"}
	move playlist "myPlaylist" to folder playlist "test"
end tell

each playlist in a folder playlist has a parent property which refers
to the folder playlist. Unfortunately the whose filter doesnโ€™t work so you have to go thru a repeat loop
to identify the contents of a folder playlist

tell application "iTunes"
	set contentsOfFolderTest to {}
	repeat with onePlaylist in (get playlists)
		if exists parent of onePlaylist then
			if parent of onePlaylist is folder playlist "test" then
				set end of contentsOfFolderTest to contents of onePlaylist
			end if
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

Messy :stuck_out_tongue:

But I understand what you are saying.
I will try it.

Thanks for the clue