Anyway to access IKImageView with Applescript?

I just want to insert a picture into the view or get a pictures data from what’s in there (the “Image Kit” in the Interface Builder).
I’m guessing it’s not possible to do it with AS? Maybe I could use Obj-C and write a method that
could be called from the AS?

Thanks :slight_smile:


you’re right. Accessing IKImageView and IKImageBrowserView is only possible with ObjC.
But you can write custom methods and call them with AppleScript (Studio)

Thanks for your help :).
That’s what I needed to know.
Writing the ObjC code and Calling the method with Applescript is probably easy enough to figure out, I hope haha.

Ahhh, this is driving me crazy.
I wrote the custom method in Obj-C,
and I wrote the call method in the AS file.

But it doesn’t work at all.
I’ve tried it a billlion different ways.

Has anyone else done something similar?
Think you can help me out?

Thanks :slight_smile: