Aperture import from folder.

I need so me help please.

I have a script that creates a new Project in Aperture and a corresponding Folder in another part of my hard drive at the same time. This new Folder also has two subfolders generated automatically. Now I would like to know how to add a script to the original create folder script that tells Aperture to import any images dropped into that same folder into the Aperture corresponding Project. It must also ignore the two sub folders.

Here is the script I have for creating Project and Folder.

	set newLoc to "Macintosh HD:users:Event:Sites:x3a2108:current_event:"
	set {text returned:desc} to display dialog "Type the class name here" default answer "XXXX-XXXX-##" buttons {"OK", "Cancel"} default button "OK"
	do shell script "/bin/mkdir -p " & quoted form of POSIX path of newLoc & ¬
		quoted form of (desc) & ""
on error errmsg number errNum
	if errNum is not -128 then display dialog errmsg
end try

tell application "Aperture"
	tell library 1
		make new project with properties {name:desc}
	end tell
end tell

I know I can set an Automator workflow to do this Aperture Import for each folder, but that is time consuming and not something I would want a member of staff attempting when I am not available. It would be better if the process was fully automated upon creation of the folder/project.

Thanks in advance.