App loses process name

One of my biggest ASOC apps will regularly lose it’s process name- when I view the Force Quit picker, my app doesn’t have a name any more.

It’s a big app that drives InDesign and Photoshop and processes 100s of files daily, it runs 24/7. The app uses some Cocoa classes as well as the main ASOC app delegate file. I’ve been able to quit the app normally and when I restart it, the name is still empty. Restarting the entire computer of course remedies this.

I’m not sure if this is really a “problem” because the app continues to run and process file even when the name is blank. But it’s surely not a good thing and I want to be able to fix any problems, since the app crashes sometimes after running for a while.
Not sure what other info to give about it- source code is 3000 lines over a few files. :confused: