app not working on another machine -- help!

I wrote my first app, a simple build off an applescript that I wrote a while back

my app is used to generate the specific folder structure for a server based on user input

all works well on my machine at home, but when I take it to work, launching the app does nothing
I posted my files on a ftp site, if anyone would be willing to download and help figure out why… like I said, it’s my first app, and I could be missing something simple

files can be downloaded using ftp software from:
password: tester

get the “FolderGenerator.sit” file

any help would be appreciated

Your app won’t even build on my machine, but I didn’t pursue the failure.

I can’t even logon to the FTP site.

However: Why my Xcode app doesn’t work when run in a different machine?

I would center in the third advice mentioned in the previous URL, as this smells to a permissions issue with the “.sit” file (if so, the extra advice would be upgrading StuffIt in the machines using 10.0.0).

Seems that we’re missing the “FGI.icns” file, but we can rescue it from the “executable” inside the build/debug dir. Once “rescued”, deleted from the xcode project and re-added, it will build fine, and the resulting executable will work fine.

well… to prove my lack of knowledge in Xcode, i had no idea about setting Active Build Configuration to release

I’m going to try that and take my app to work to see if it runs now, which it most likely will-I’ll keep you posted on the outcome

thanks for the help