App permanently in front of all apps


how can i bring my app what i build in Xcode with Applescript permanently in front of all apps?
Looks like the programm “Force Quit” from the finder!

Many thanks for your help…

Are you talking about the window level or the application ordering? In other words, do you want your application’s window to float above all other windows… or do you not want the user to be able to use anything else while your app is running?

The force quit window is just a regular window or panel, with it’s window level set to a higher than usual level than the default of “NSNormalWindowLevel”. Adding a custom subclass is pretty simple, and would make your window float over various other windows based on the level you select. Setting this value is how panels. menus, and floating palettes enable their ability to persistently float over other windows.

If you want your app to stay active over all other apps, this is a different story. You could capture the ‘resigned active’ event of the app and simply issue a “activate” command for your app to bring it back to the front again, but this is a hack and not very reliable.


I have an application with a check box that allows the user to set the level of the window to normal, or above all. The code I use is simply: