App to convert AppleScript to html

I’ve made myself a small app to convert AppleScript to html. It has a very simple interface: paste or load a script file. Click on button. Get ugly html.

Is anyone interested in such an app? I primarily made this to make blog posts with AppleScript.

As I understand it, all the code can be completely written as an AsObjC-script. I am not a supporter of colorful scripts on this site, but for publication on less technical sites, you could sometimes show off colors.

But I’m interested in a solution in the form of an AsObjC-script, not a third-party application. It would be better for educational purposes on our website too.

I find AsObjC utterly fascinating and completely strange. I’m using only AppleScript where I have to.


Your app will find fans anyway. Because not everyone loves gray publications like me. :rolleyes: