App to convert AppleScript to Html

For my blog on email automation with AppleScript I wanted the original syntax coloring of AppleScript. I only found some very old CLI which made different CSS every time. I rewrote the CLI and made a little free app called “Convert AppleScript to Html”.

It’s easy to use:

Select File → Open Script File from the menu or click on the Open Script File button in the window. You can also do a copy-and-paste into the AppleScript text area.
Click on the button “Convert to Html”. In the upper right area you will see the html in a Html viewer. The lower right area contains the html code.
You can copy-and-paste the html into the clipboard. Or you can do a File → Save Html to save the html into a file.

The html is simple on purpose and without CSS. If you want CSS support then let me know.

Download is available at

Forgot to add a screenshot: