appcelerator and applescript


Anyone has experience with appcelerator dev tool caling AS?

I’m searching an alternative to ASOC.

Facespan project is closed
AppleScript Studio is closed
AppleScript Objective C is powerful but too complex: is for developers NOT for scripters

Seems there is not a “simple” dev tool to create interfaces using AppleScript language.

Any suggestions?


This is answering your question with another question…

Would you (or anyone else here) be interested in a method to use AppleScripts from local (ONLY !!!) HTML interfaces?

I created such a method a few years back, but gave up trying to ‘popularize’ it because of all the (misplaced) knee jerk fears expressed about security concerns.

That and an overwhelming lack of (positive) response.

That and the fact that at least one user told me it no longer worked… as long ago as the introduction of Leopard.

I’ve recently heard that not only does it work on Leopard, but on Snow Leopard as well.

So… anyone (now) interested?

Peter B.

Apple has a powerful language to control applications.
No other languages (as I know) can do what AppleScript can with applications (Photoshop, Finder…)
Only Javascript with Adobe Creative Suite is similar. But with AppleScript, even with its’ limitations, we can control thousands of apps.
But Apple don’t have a simple tool to generate interfaces with popup, table, buttons, dialogs.
A simple tool for scripters not for Cocoa developers.
Why Apple?
I would like that ASS should be not deprecated. Probably ASS apps works again in Lion, but if some other tool is available, welcome…


Look at this…

Also at this:

Peter B.

And this:

Peter B.

Because there simply isn’t the demand to warrant the (substantial) investment of time required, both to develop such a thing, and to maintain it.

That’s why FaceSpan is no longer, and presumably why ASS was abandoned in favor of something that requires a lot less support.