AppDelegate Suddenly Broken

Here is the situation:

  1. The AppDelegate’s Outlets and Received Actions are all warning that the action or outlet is not defined in the AppDelegate.

  2. When control-dragging FROM the AppDelegate the string doesn’t snap on anything so I can’t assign outlet

  3. When control-dragging from an object TO the AppDelegate, the only options that show up are formatter, menu and nextKeyView… none of the properties I have setup are listed.

Earlier I copied my code into a new script file and, for one minute I at least thought it was allowing me to link things. But then suddenly it wouldn’t anymore.

Does anyone know what I could have done to the script that would cause this?

I’m having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?

No, I don’t think I did. I just kind of worked around it… and, since the app was mostly done it wasn’t a major impediment. Would still like to find a solution someday though.

Could the file have been edited in Script Editor? That uses returns rather than linefeeds between paragraphs, which Xcode doesn’t like.

An effective solution is to go back to XCode 12.5.1. This is a bug in Xcode 13…

I sent this bug report to apple, but no reply!? …

Always the same problem with Xcode 13.2 and macOS 12.1! :frowning:


For the actions (Sent Actions), I think there is a possibility (I’m not sure, I’m not a pro).

In the MainMenu.xib, select First Responder and in the Attributes inspector, add the action.
Then, from the object (a button for example), in the Connections inspector, control-drag on First Responder (not on App Delegate) and choose the desired action.

Sorry for my bad English…

Xcode 13.4 and not yet corrected. :frowning:
Maybe Apple wants to abandon AppleScriptObjC…

Well the finally seemed to have fixed this.

Resolved in Xcode 14 Beta 3
Fixed an issue with outlet and action connections to AppleScript-based AppDelegates. (83373726) (FB9643535)