Append link to Excel 2004 Cell

Hello All,
I have a question for any and all excel 2004 experts. I am getting used to the changes brought forth w/2004 but I have one question regarding a link I want to create. If I have a cell (A1:A1) with the text “N123456.pdf”. How could I append text to create a link (ex: N123456.pdf



If you look at pp 92 & 93 of the Excel AppleScript Guide, you can get some useful information.

The most useful data is also the most frustrating; you cannot set the name of the hyperlink object via AppleScript. If you want a unique name, you must first set the value of the cell in question to the name, then create the hyperlink, in this manner:

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set value of cell "A15" to "Pain Link"
	make new hyperlink of range "A15" at active sheet with properties {address:"PilateII:Users:cas:Documents:Cathouse:PainManagementGuidelinesFINAL.pdf"}
end tell

thanks, craig. that sounds like it makes sense. i will try that out…and post back…

thanks again!