Append to Spotlight Comments Service in SL not viewable in Finder

I’m trying to recreate in 10.6 an automator plug-in as a service which appends text to Finder item Comments which worked in 10.5 and earlier.

The goal is to append text to existing Finder Comment text for selected files.

I have a single action automator workflow service using action “Set Spotlight Comments for Finder Items” with Service receives “selected files” and folders in “” and “Append to existing comments” box checked. There is no default text.

When I run this from the Contextual menu (Ctrl-click), the appended text does not show up in the Finder list view in comments field. However, if I Get Info for the file, the text IS there on a new line. If, in the Info Window, I deleted the space between the existing and the appended text then add it back, the appended text immediately appears in the Finder list. This is not a great workaround if I am batch adding comments to a folder full of files.

Interesting thing is that if “Append to existing comments” is NOT checked, the service works as expected and I see the new text (only) immediately in the Finder.

Also, if I enter any default text in the box, besides not seeing the appended text in the Finder list view, multiple copies on multiple lines of the new text is displayed in the Get Info window.

Am I missing an action to make this work? I’ve tried adding “Get Selected Finder Items” action in front of the “Set Spotlight Comments…” action

Thanks, Frank