Apple documentation on a silver plate

I really didn’t know about this link. I’ve always gone through the ADC. And :slight_smile: to be honest I’ve found that to be a little bit quircky. But those days are gone!
And therefore there is a possibility that some of you don’t also.
Therefore ahem. I take the liberty of posting it here. :slight_smile:
This is the link with the red carpet below do you ask me.

Found it over at Scott Anguish’s new site:

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FWIW, Help → Developer Documentation in Xcode shows you much the same thing.

There is a nice reference search app named AppKiDo.

Cocoa Browser Air is also available, but to me, seems less useful.

And the best thing about AppKiDo IMO is that it lets you list the methods of a class both with and without inherited methods.

Couldn’t agree more! Biggest gripe I had when learning to read Apple’s docs was traversing up the tree to find a method.

Yep – it brought back bad memories of the early days of Script Editor…

In Xcode (Objective-C) I’m using option-doubleclick on a highlighted term to discover its information in the documentation. This is the quickest way

It is in Objective-C code, but not necessarily in ASObjC code. That’s because double-clicking extends the selection if there’s a trailing underscore or apostrophe. So if you have, say, “applicationShouldTerminate_”, even if you select the text without the underscore, double-clicking selects it. Similarly, if you have, say, “NSSound’s”, a selection of NSSound alone changes the selection to include the “'s” when you double-click.