Apple Mail only without signatures?


I want to use my Signatures in Apple Mail (v12.0 in Mojave):

This script:

tell application "Mail"
	set MyMessage to (make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"MySubject", content:"MyContent", visible:true, message signature:"MySignatureName"})
end tell

gives me:

“„Mail“ hat einen Fehler erhalten: Klasse „outgoing message“ kann nicht erstellt werden.” (German for: “Impossible to create class „outgoing message“”

Of course I’ve created a matching signature:

tell application "Mail" to get signatures

--> {signature "Standard" of application "Mail", signature "MySignatureName" of application "Mail"}

The dictionary for “Apple Mail” lists “message signature” as a property of the class “outgoing message”. Without this property it runs.

It seems that it is a bug, isn’t it?
Does anyone has a workaround? (Cant include the signature inside the content because I want to use a signature with pictures in it.)



I played around with this, and I definitely agree that it’s a bug. Everything about “Message Signature” is broken.

If you manually create a new message, set a signature, and then try to retrieve the “message signature” property of that message with AppleScript, it returns “missing value” even though the message has a signature.

Old script that used to function with message signature that I Googled up no longer function for me in Apple Mail Version 10.3 (3273).

I’d report it as a bug to Apple.