Apple Mail question

I’m new to scripting, and I think it will be my only hope. I am dissatisfied with the Apple spell check. I have identified a program that I want to use call Grammarian. The only rub is that Grammarian won’t run every time I send a message (ensuring that I don’t send a sloppy message.) It seems that I have to run Grammarian manually before sending. I am wondering if I can create a script that will run Grammarian’s “check all” command every time I send a message in mail.

If anyone can direct me to a script that I can modify, it would be a great help - I am green here.



That gets tricky - Grammarian doesn’t claim to be AppleScript-aware, so it would be a GUI scripting problem. That’s impossible without a copy of Grammarian, unfortunately, and apparantly, none of us have it. :frowning: