Apple Mail to Entourage importing mail accounts - error w/ received


when importing Apple Mail to Entourage accounts I’ve noticed the dates (all 2000 in my case) read as received yesterday or today. Yet in the header info they range from today to a year and a half ago. I attempted to use one of the Applescripts here but to no avail.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?


Is the date on the message is the date imported, not the date recieved? It shouldn’t do that, but a lot of the Entourage Import/Export stuff is not as polished as the rest of the program, so it wouldn’t surprise me. You can script Entourage to get a message’s headers, and you can set the date sent/recieved, so you could write a script to fix them.

I have the same problem as yours, I am new to mac and it is 3 weeks since I have moved. I used outlook2mac to export my emails, first to apple mail and from there to entourage.

When I noticed the my inbox folder the date and time it shows me as the day I imported the mail but when I open and view the header it shows me the correct date of receipt of the mail.

Also I downloaded the script Correct The Date V.1 but it does not change the date to the as shown on the email header.

I have also downloaded the script modify_date_recived.sit, but I do not know how to run this scrip.

Help is needed urgently.

Leo Chettiar