Apple Remote Desktop and AppleScript

I have been trying to get AppleScript to choose a specific Scanner on my list of computers in ARD (Apple Remote Desktop).

I am just at a total loss of ideas on how to get this to work, can someone shed some light my way please?



Hi htakeuchi,

By Scanner, I presume you are referring to the Port Scanner where you can ‘Scan’ for computers in certain networks/network ranges.

If this is the case, I cannot find any mention of ‘Scanner’ or even ‘Scan’ in the Remote Desktop dictionary.
When I run:

tell application "Remote Desktop"
	get properties of every computer list
end tell

This gives me every thing but the Scanners within the list! I don’t think you can call any Scanner. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply…


It doesn’t do what I am looking for…

If you check on the “File” menu, you cans see that you can create a “Scanner” which in exchange can be setup to sweep a determined subnet, IP etc…

I have created a scanner for each location I manage nationwide (98 total) separated into Folders which are named in States, and inside them the Scanners for each location in that state.

My intention is to call a determined “Scanner” and press the Reload/Stop Button on the top right corner, then choose the units that show up on the list and send a command to those.

Somehow, my limited knowledge in AppleScript and the little to none information about Applescript and ARD available on the web, has made this a more difficult task.

I hope someone here has had a chance to play with ARD and Applescript successfully and is willing to shed some wisdom to the rest of us mortals!!

thanks again


I think what you will have to do (as you cannot call a scanner using Applscript) is create computer lists, rather than separate ‘Scanners’ for each State. This way you will be able to target computers by ‘computer list’.

I do something similar by selecting computers in a computer list and sending a UNIX command.


tell application "Remote Desktop"
set theseComputers to computer list "Name of your list" -- Change "Name of your list" to the computer list you need to target
set the UNIXscript to "netstat -n | grep -c tcp" -- or whatever command you want to send!
set countTCP to make new send unix command task with properties {name:"CountTCPs", showing output:false, script:UNIXscript} -- Again change variable names to reflect the command you are sending
set TCPcntResult to execute countTCP on theseComputers
set tempString to every item of TCPcntResult as list
end tell

If you put this in a ‘try’ block, it should skip any computers that may be off ? (I’ve not tested this tho!)