apple script for collecting data and using in 3d application

Greetings… new to this group…

I have a question. I am told I could use applescript to create 3d objects in a 3d program.

What I am doing is this. I am using a memsic accelerometer (parallax) and the BS2 for MAc OSX.

The memsic is basically a mercury switch. It is attached to tree branches and sends data to the stamp and records this data in a debugging window. I would like to take this data and present it to applescripts (which means I might have to write a script to collect and rcord the data first from the accelerometer) and have that data sent to Cinema 4d but as the data was being sent, it would initialize a series of commands to start acting in Cinema 4d.

So if the angle recorded was less between degree A and dgree B set a series of actions, between degree b and degree c, another series of actions, and so on.

Does anyone think this is possible? The memsic is basically aqcting as a switch to turn of and on a series of actions. Any suggestions on collaborative efforts would be greatly appreciated…

john lathram :shock:

Sorry, I don’t have access to any of these apps, but you should know first if the apps are scriptable (can use applescript commands). You can drop the app’s icon onto Script Editor’s one and it will tell you if you can “talk” to the application. If they doesn’t, you could try GUI Scripting (not access directly the app’s data, but its interface elements, such as menu “select all>copy”, then read the clipboard, or get the contents of the text field x).
Just make a search here for “gui scripting” or take a look to this article: