Apple Script Tutorial Binding Troubles

Im doing the tutorial in the apple script object c book and I am here:

our script already includes the values we want to get from the interface as properties, something that is essential for bindings. Let’s start with theFilename. in interface Builder, click on the filename field, then go to the Bindings panel of the inspector. Make sure the inspector’s title is Text Field Bindings, not Text Field Cell Bindings; if not, you have not selected the text field properly, and need to try again. (Many elements
also include cells; we usually want to bind to properties of the elements themselves, not their cells.)

How do I make a new binding? I don’t understand

You are in Xcode 4 land there lad… The book was written with Xcode 3 in mind, things have changed a bit. You need to link to your app delegate, wherever that is, not the inspector panel. Haven’t played with v4 yet, maybe someone else could be more helpful, sorry!

Browser: Safari 6533.18.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

At this stage I strongly recommend using Xcode 3 rather than Xcode 4 – there are no advantages to 4 for ASObjC users, and several disadvantages.

That said, you need to show the Bindings Inspector, not the Connections Inspector. In the row at the top of the Inspector area, click on the next icon across.