Apple Script with Roxio Toast Titanium


is it possible to create the following workflow with Toast and AppleScript?

  • put some files or folder on a droplet and create a toastimage

Thank you for your help.


Sorry to be a pest, but does it have to be a toast image?


Not necessarily. I need “only” an image in hybrid format.

I have been goofing around with Toast off and on for a few weeks. Here is a script loop that puts the stuff into a toast image to be burned as a hydrid disc. I actually found portions of this by searching this very forum, so you may want to do that as well to see what else is out there.

tell application "Toast 6 Titanium"
	activate --Originally had a (launch) command before (activate)
	make new Data disc --With Properties (Name:) doesn't work to name the disk
	set name of disc 1 to "Toast Test" --This works to name the disc, while the line above does not
	set resolve aliases of disc 1 to false --see data disc in Library I am still unsure exactly what this does...
	set file system type of disc 1 to Mac OS Extended Hybrid --type of disc to burn [see library]
	repeat with j from 1 to x
		add to disc 1 items (item j of mdname_list as alias) --Seems to be the proper syntax to build a disc image for Toast to burn
	end repeat
end tell

I hope this helps

Toast esms to burn the disk so that a user can’t directly access chapters by entering the chapter number on the remote control number pad. Apple’s DVD Player app does this correctly. How can I get this to work for al DVD player remote controls

Ehm… ? :wink:



This isn’t a Toast question. I’m asking how to properly place video assets on DVD so that the remote can be used to directly access chapters by entering the chapter number on the keypad of the remote control.

Sure, but I’m afraid I don’t understand what this has to do with AppleScript…


I need to understand how to set up a DVD so that a user can select a chapter by entering the chapter number into the remote.

I have a large project that builds customized DVDs for individual users. The DVDs are training disks that are produced after users are tested. If they fail tests, the training they need is included on their individual DVD. So user “A” fails tests 16, 21, and 53. He gets the training videos that pertain to the material covered in question 16, 21, and 53. He may end up with a DVD containing 40 different videos.

The problem I have is that my DVDs contain a large number of short videos, not in any particular order. The DVD is accompanied by a printed worksheet that lists the clips on the disk. So far, I have used AppleScript and Toast to automatically assemble and burn the DVD from a script generated by the website that administers the test. Each movie clip is a chapter. Everything works like clockwork except for one feature request.

On an Apple computer, playing the DVD with DVD Player (Apple’s DVD playing application), I can type a number on the numberpad and DVD Player will skip directly to that chapter of the disk. Some ordinary DVD players allow this same function, but most do not.

I talked at length to sales staff at the local Best Buy and they told me that if I structure my DVD so that the individual movie clips are “titles” rather than “chapters” that the number pads of DVD player remote controls will allow direct selection of movie clips.

I don’t understand the difference between titles and chapters and the software I’m using makes no reference to any difference between the two. It just puts clips on the disk, assembles corresponding menu screens and burns.

What do I do to allow remote controls to select chapters (titles) directly?