Apple's essential sub-routine pages gone?

Apple’s essential sub-routine pages are gone, anyone know if they moved? You can still access from here,

but I was wondering if there is an updated site I haven’t found.

Hopefully it’s been taken and thrown down a very deep hole. Without exception the code it provided was unmitigated garbage, not fit to be touched with a fifty-foot pole. May it never be seen again.

Instead, consider third-party resources such as ScriptBuilders, CodeExchange and AppleMods. e.g. A lot of the stuff on AppleMods is pretty good: I wrote it as a sort of unofficial standard library, to compensate a bit for Apple’s own failure in this department. With a few exceptions, the code is efficient, robust, and reasonably well tested and documented; about as good as you can expect from vanilla AppleScript, given the inherent flaws and limitations of the language itself.


I couldn’t agree more;Maybe that’s why the page is gone? :lol: I’ve never used the routines ver batim, but I used the page as a reference to see thier approach on routines I’ve never used before. I came to the same conclusion: What 5th grader wrote this shit?
Now we know where Apple makes budget cuts to save the bottom line…
Thanks for a real reference.

I’ve always condsidered AS’s limitations a challenge, not a flaw. But then I see myself the same way, challenged, not flawed.