AppleScript 1.9.3 (Panther 10.3.2)

AppleScript 1.9.3 was released as part of Mac OS X version 10.3.2 and requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or later. This was primarily a minor bug fix release. Consequently, there is not much to report on this version.

Bugs Fixed in AppleScript 1.9.3

AppleScript Fixes

with timeout Error
In AppleScript 1.9.2, the with timeout statement did not return an error if the timeout expires. This has been repaired.

Japanese Script Compiling
A script that compiled correctly under AppleScript 1.9.1 might fail to compile under AppleScript 1.9.2 when using a Japanese-primary system. This now works properly

Saving Empty Script
Saving an empty script from Script Editor 2.0 in AppleScript 1.9.2 would result in a crash, now it does not.

AppleScript Studio Fixes

Interface Builder AppleScript files
Trying to open an “.applescript” file in Xcode that was created by Interface Builder under AppleScript 1.9.2 would result in a crash. This is repaired.

AppleScript Studio debugging has been improved. (Note: AppleScript Studio debugging requires Xcode 1.1.)

Standard Additions Fixes

Mount Volume
If a user name is not specified for a mount volume command (and the volume does not allow guest access) in AppleScript 1.9.2, the command would fail. This is fixed.

Developer Information

Unicode Coercion
Coercing an AEDesc to Unicode text no longer fails as it did in AppleScript 1.9.2.