Applescript Adobe Illustrator Rotate Property Dilema

Does anyone know if there is a property record of any object in AI that can determine if the object has been rotated from its original creation? Or some sort of simple solution to determine object orientation? :o

Hi. I’m not aware of that facility existing in any illustration program, although it does in page layout programs, e.g. InDesign. It’s a kludge, but you might try using the ruler to determine the rotation angle.

I was afraid of that Marc.
I am very savvy with AS AND AI but this one has me stumped.

I am trying to auto place multiple objects of the same shape for layout purposes.
The shape for the layouts are genrally a frustum surface with 6 points, evenly dispersed with 3 on top radius & 3 on the bottom.

Im wondering if there is a way to get the location of each of these points and use a formula to determine the orientation?

basic example frustum surface :
the shape will be sorta either an: n,c,u or reverse c

Any thoughts on the formula?

In AI I would expect your frustum surface to be created from 6 bezier points.? If so I would also expect 4 to be corner and 2 to be smooth.? (The mid points of the arc). Anyhow if you diagram represents this shape with no rotation then you should be able to get all or some of the path point anchors and calculate the rotation.?