Applescript and Automator

Just getting started with applescript and automator. I don’t know if this is possible, but I would like to turn an automator action I’ve created into an applescript. Is there an easy way to create an applescript based on something that you’ve created in Automator?


welcome :slight_smile:

It depends on what you’re going to accomplish.
Almost all Automator actions are “hard-coded” scripts, but some AppleScript knowledge is required to “translate” the actions

Thanks! Yes, I’m still learning Applescript, it was suggested that I give automator a try as I need it in my job to accomplish specific tasks. I need to create a script that I can send to users of the software of the company I work for to accomplish certain technical support tasks without burdening the user with too many instructions (basically just shoot them and applescript to accomplish the tasks that would take me 10 to 20 mins to explain depending on the compentance of the user). I’m running into the problem of Automator not being avialable (or out of date) on older Macintosh machines, so the best solution I could come up with was to create an applescript to do the same task as the automator task I have created. Since I am a complete newbie at applescript I was hoping to export the automator action to an applescript so I could see how it’s done and then modify it from there if needed.

Unfortunately this is not possible