AppleScript and data in password protected Filemaker db.

Thanks for a great forum.

I´m having problems getting cell data out of a password protected FileMaker db.

The filemaker password used does give both read and write permissions when in FileMaker. However, any AppleScript trying to get cell data returns an error telling me that the password doesn’t permit the operation. Without password or with administrator privileged password it works fine.

Any hints? I haven’t been able to find any FM documentation on this (bug ?).

Ah, but does the password’s privileges include the ability to Export? That is separate from Create, or Edit, or Delete. The Export privilege in FileMaker controls several things: Web-Sharing, the Copy All Records script step, the ability to get data via AppleScript, and probably much more. FileMaker assumed that if you don’t want the user to be able to Export a lot of data from the file, they’d have to turn off those features too, since they would allow the user to essentially do a complete export, just with more hassle.

So, you’ll probably need to make sure the password can Export to use AppleScript to get data.