AppleScript and filemaker

Hi, hope someone can help out with this one! I am trying to develop a script that will get data aout of my filemaker code. I developed the next Script:

tell application "FileMaker 1"
		set SCRIPT_NAMES to name of every FileMaker script of database "xxx" as list
		delay 1
	on error
		error number -128 -- Stop Script
	end try
end tell

This works fine, I manage to get layouts, script name, field names and table names. But I cant get valuelists with this type of code. Any body out there know the answer to this?

thank you for your time!!!



I can’t help you more than just inform you that there should be a free PDF document out there about scripting FileMaker, it may not be up to date to your version, but it should still be helpful.

There are also at least one site dedicated to scripting Filemaker.


Thank you! in any case I had to solve it with a Filemaker Script that extracts the value with a formula! then I get the clipboard into my script! :slight_smile: