AppleScript and loading MS Word 2016 template containing VBA macros

I can use AppleScript to successfully load MS word templates in Word 2011. For example:

tell application "Microsoft Word" 
	add addin file name (pathVar & msWordTemplateLocation) with install
end tell

where pathVar is the path to the home folder and msWordTemplateLocation is the path to the Word template.

In Word 2011 msWordTemplateLocation is Library:Application Support:Microsoft:Office:User Templates:template_name.dotm

In word 2016 msWordTemplateLocation is Library:Group Containers:UBF8T346G9.Office:User Content:Templates:template_name.dotm

This works fine in Word 2011 but not in Word 2016. In ScriptDebugger the result of the add addin command is ‘missing value’.

If I preload the Word 2016 template manually (using Word | Templates and Add-ins…) then I can get AppleScript to access and run the macros it contains, but what I want to do is make Word 2016 load the template via AppleScript, just as I can with Word 2011. I can’t assume that it will always be preloaded; in fact it generally won’t be.

I have checked, and the add addin command is available in Word 2016’s dictionary.

Has anyone out there successfully used Applescript to load a template containing VBA macros into Word 2016? I may be missing something small but relevant.