AppleScript and Mojave - talking to third party application

Hello, I hope somebody has a good answer:

Question: From Shane’s article:

I understand that the only ways to use scripting additions is to incorporate a third party .osax into your own app bundle in a special folder within the Resources folder OR to disable SIP.

But what if I only want to send apple events TO a third party application but my ASObjC app needs to use terms from that third party’s dictionary .sdef file?

Previously, I had all the necessary sandbox entitlements. So now, in addition I have to ask the user to allow in System Preferences - Privacy and Security Full Disk Access, Accessibility and Automation for my app.
And in addition define a string in the info.pList against the Privacy-Apple Events Sending Usage Description.
That should cover the additional security for sending Apple Events?

Or is it now just impossible not only to use commands but also to use dictionary terms?

I am sure I am missing something in understanding the full impact of Mojave in detail on existing ASObjC apps and would welcome help in understanding.

I’m not sure I quite understand. Permission to send events and Full Disk Access are independent of each other.

What does your app need access to another app’s terms for, apart from compiling (which requires no permission)?

Hi Shane,

sorry to be not clear enough.
The third party application is a hardware driver that has an .sdef dictionary, e.g. “version” for the version of the driver.

So I open dialogue with: tell application “HardwareDriver”
set myVersionProperty to version of HardwareDriver as string
end try
end tell

Previously I used sandbox entitlements to allow me to talk to the third party driver, i.e. temporary exception for apple events.
Now, I am pretty sure that I need to define a string in the info.pList against the Privacy-Apple Events Sending Usage Description. But I am less sure if reading out a property from a third party driver classes as using scripting addition and needs additional actions like full disk access or is even impossible?

Thanks for your help!

That looks to me like simple sending Apple events to an application – what the app is shouldn’t matter. So I doubt you need Full Disk Access.

Thanks again Shane,

I give it a go and will report back in case someone has a similar question.

Update January 2019:
Thanks Shane, you were right.
I had to keep my temporary-exception to send apple events sandbox entitlements and in info.plist to add a Privacy - Apple Events Sending Usage Description to keep access in Mojave.

Thanks again,

I hope this is related enough to stay in the thread.

I am unable to get Mojave to ask for permissions for Script Debugger. I had it initially working, but now am unable to reach the Adobe InDesign dictionary. So I reset the privacy database with tccutil, and have restarted Script Debugger. I can get it to control, but it doesn’t show in my privacy pane. Therefore I can not add further apps to it.

Anyone else seen this?

Try choosing File → Open Dictionary… and pick another app – that should result in an authorization dialog.