AppleScript and Office 2008 - process dies?


I’m having some troubles with AppleScript and Office 2008.
I use some of the Office app’s to process files. That works, but sometimes I need to install some fonts before I can use a certain file.
I figured the only way to install new fonts automatically is to copy them to ~Library:Fonts:Microsoft, then quit all the Office app’s (is this the only way?).

So the next time I let Office process files, first it starts the application needed.
Even this works (wow). But as soon as I want to process two or more files after installing fonts (and more than 1 Office app needed to be started to complete the process, so like a .doc and a .xls),
it does 1 file, then opens the app needed for the 2nd file (doesn’t matter which one of them), and that’s where it ends. Office doesn’t throw an error and doesn’t open the document, it just opens the app and stops.

I don’t think it would help if I posted the script since it’s a part of a (really) big script.

Is there any way I can monitor exactly what AppleScript is doing or something?
I have no idea how I can catch that error, or even better, solve it.

Maybe if I could check something like a readystate from Office, I could wait until the app loads properly before carrying on processing files…?

Any help on this?