applescript and paths

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Glad I found this board, lots of great info. I am a newbie with applescript and have gotten the impression that OSX uses the “/” for paths and everything under uses the “:” unless the user has classic in OSX and that would use the “:”, is this right? I am making a hybrid CD with flash and opening pdf files and I’m creating these scripts with Toast Titanium on OSX 10.3.6 Is it also correct that OSX no lnger allows for autostart, I ask this because I am not finding that option in this version of Toast, but have used it on OS9. Are there any suggestions on how to burn this CD to autostart in all OS? When I open Toast, I create temp partition, move my mac files to it, select Custom Hybrid, select Mac, select my partition, select ISO, move PC files over, select Joliet, and record, but then I get an error that the volume can not be found… Can someone enlighten me, thanks in advance.

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Depending on the app, it will use POSIX paths (eg, shell scripts) or mac-styled paths (eg, applescript).
Autostart is no longer available in OS X.
To create a custom hybrid (if I remember it OK) you must create and mount the mac image with the data, then add manually the stuff for the PC partition (including the autorun.inf and so on, or whatever is called).