AppleScript & AppleScript Studio Training CD's from VTC

Has anyone tried those Training CD’s from Virtual Training Company (VTC) on AppleScript or AppleScript Studio?

They look pretty good as from as I can tell, However I’m just looking for some feedback on these CD’s training before I look into buying them myself.

There is an link to there site so you can check it out for yourself…


I did a very short review of Mr. Waldies VTC AppleScript CD about four years ago…

VTC’s CD’s are very professionally written. The VTC AppleScript CD has QuickTime movies, narrated by Ben Waldie, which walk you through each step of creating AppleScripts with in depth explanations of the intricacies of Apple’s Scripting Language.

Ben has since become a contributing member of MacScripter.Net. He handles the Scriptable App’s section of Ben’s AppleScript experience is unsurpassed and he is a well respected and very active member of the AppleScript community.

Automated Workflows, LLC

If you are serious about wanting to learn more about AppleScript, I highly recommend VTC. They have been there for us and have withstood the test of time. I think you will be very pleased with any purchase you make from them…