Applescript Application Adobe Licensing

Hi all,

I have built an Applescript application in XCode. It is comprised of a window with image areas. Drop a pair of PDFs on the window and they are previewed in the 2 image areas. Click a button and the 2 PDFs are assemble into 1 file in Photoshop CS4, and various layers are created to highlight the differences between the 2 (normally similar) files. The application uses mostly standard dictionary applescript, but for certain functions that are not possible in PS with AS, I used the ScriptListener plugin to generate some javascript which is called from applescript.

We have 40 or so Macs (a mix of G5s and new iMacs) in the office all running 10.5.8, and we have been running the application for 6 months, and previously a script-only version (no interface).

Just recently the licensing on a couple of users’ PS CS4 has broken. When using my app, the large dialog stating that PS is running in trial mode and requesting the serial etc appears. This is despite the suite being previously fully licensed (corporate). After that, the licensing for the whole CS4 suite is hosed and sometimes can be fixed with the license repair tool and sometimes not.

Currently, I am at a loss how to solve it as it only occurs in a small number of cases, but nevertheless it is a real issue and I am under pressure to find a solution. As far as I am aware, the affected machines have only been PPC.

If you have any idea what is going on, I’d really appreciate it. If you need any more info, just ask