Applescript application problem

Hi All,

I am facing this problem a lot of time. As I have developed an application of applescript using run only option. And as I want to run this application on another system, it not works. I am doing like this I open the source code and compile on that system and then save as application for run only on that system, then it works fine on that system.

But I think it is not the right way, because in my company there are 500 MAC installed and if I want to use that appliescript application on all those system then I will have to 500 times save as.

Please if someone can help me really appreciated.


What doesn’t work? Is there an error message given? If you can tell us what kind of symptoms there are, we may be able to help.

Are these other Macs running the same version of Mac OS X that you have?

That will always happen if you have not used a general form of addressing, for example:

set p to ((path to documents folder as text) & "myFile.doc")

and aliases must be resolved locally, so be careful with them too.