Applescript as alternative to FileMaker Pro solution?

I am currently working on designing a database with FileMaker Pro in OS X, but I want to look and work like OS X apps. Using Applescript Studio will allow me to have the look and feel part, but can I use it to create a database? Do I have to build the FMP database and create an applescript studio front end (which I don’t know how to do yet) or can I do all of this with Apple script studio - which would be ideal. The database is an inventory/project type database that I really want to look and feel like the Mac OS X apps in terms of the form and function that Applescript Studio offers.

I need experienced advice folks. Thanks a lot.

Technically anything you can do in Filemaker you can do in AppleScript Studio, it’s just a question of whether it’s worth it or not.

You have to look at what features Filemaker brings to your database and decide whether it’s worth reinventing the wheel to implement those features in AppleScript Studio. Things like sorting, finding, printing, multi-user access, layouts, content validation, etc., etc. are all feasible in AppleScript studio, but leveraging Filemaker’s features with an AppleScript front end might be an easier way to go.

Are you saying that it is possible to build a database in filemaker pro and then use AppleScript Studio to build a front end with an OS X look and feel?

I don’t know how to implement this, but if it’s possible. I am willing to take the time to learn.

Wow. Amazing how you directed my to this site and article so specific to what I want to accomplish. Thanks a lot. Time to put in some learning hours.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and instead of being tied to running FileMaker actively in the background, couldn’t you use a server-style DB like MySQL or PostgreSQL? Can you access data in these like you can in Filemaker?

Perhaps by issuing the same command line commands you do in Terminal to run Queries…

Just a thought. Is it possible?