Applescript / Automator Question -- Automatic Alias-Making Script??

I’m a total newbie and I just can’t figure out how to do the following:

List content of folder “B” in folder “A” automatically. Folder “A” resides on my server and folder “B” resides on an external hard drive.

Right now I’ve got an alias of folder “B” where folder “A” would be, but soon when I run out of hard drive space (I add files daily from a networked computer) I’ll add folder “C” (on another drive) and then I’ll need the contents of both “B” AND “C” to be listed alphabetically in folder “A”. (When I run out of space on the drive where C resides I’ll add another hard drive, etc…)

So I think I’m looking for a script that will run whenever a folder has been modified.

I’ve found a script that makes aliases, but you have to run it manually, and I get duplicate aliases if I run it more than once.
I’ve also found a script that alerts me when a folder has new files in it, but I can’t modify it to make the aliases I need with my very limited applescripting abilities.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

“List”? From the rest of this it sounds like you want aliases to the files on B, C, etc to reside in A, not a list of them (a TextEdit file, say).

Again, the “listed” issue. You want a folder full of aliases to those files, no?

“…a folder has been modified” Do you mean B and/or C?

If, as I suspect, you want a folder full of aliases:

set F to (choose folder) -- the folder you want aliases from
tell application "Finder" to make new alias to (files of entire contents of F) at (make new folder at (path to desktop folder) with properties {name:"Alii"}) -- change the name and location to suit yourself


-- unfolded for easier understanding:
set F to (choose folder)
set AC to (choose folder) -- not "A" but the container of "A", desktop folder, say.
tell application "Finder"
	set A to make new folder at AC with properties {name:"Whatever"}
	make new alias to (files of entire contents of F) at A
	-- make new folder will error if A exists so you must rename it, delete it, or move it if it does.
end tell

Thanks for replying so quickly Adam!
I should have defined my situation a little bit clearer.
Here’s the gist…
I’m a photographer. I shoot a couple of clients daily. I put each clients photos in a folder named after the client. The client folders are stored in folder “B” on an external hard drive. When that hard drive is full I’ll add folder “C” on another drive. (etc…). The place that make prints for me (my lab) needs access to all my client folders. I’d like my lab to be able to log onto my server, go into folder “A” and see all my client folders neatly lined up. (Even though the client folders actually are located on different hard drives.) And I’d like the alias process to be automatic, because I’m adding the client folders (from my brand new smokin’ picture processing Xeon, yeah!) via a network connection…
Please let me know if this is something that’s doable!