Applescript beep command


I’m new to Applescript and of course the first command I tried is beep.
Unfortunately I just can’t make my computer beep! And of course my volume is at maximum…

Here is the script I tried:

display dialog "Hello World!  How about some more beeps?"

The dialog is correctly displayed but no sound is played.
May I have disabled something in the System prefs?
I know this problem “sounds” stupid but I searched the net without success on that.

Model: PB G4
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


Does your computer play any alert sound in other programs?
Consider, that the alert sound has its own volume slider in System Preferences > Sound.


Say "Beep!"

That’s another way of making sound from AppleScript

In System Preference > Sound double click the sound name. If its working you will hear the chosen beep.

Hope that helps.


@StefanK yes indeed my Mac did not play any alert sound from any application. Although everything was ok
in the System prefs. In fact I ran into one of the few times where I had to reboot my computer to have it working properly.
I guess I had the alert manager module stuck for having played too much with the speech recognition these days (it’s only a guess).
After the reboot everything works as expected.
Thanks for the alert volume slider tip. I did not know about it.

@bevos thanks for the tip as well.

make sure that in system preferences under universal access and the hearing tab that you don’t have the flash the screen with an alert sound occurs. check box
hope that helps.