Applescript books for sale

Hi Guys

I’ve not wrote a script in a very long time but scripting and this forum is what gave me the bug (No pun intended) to get into programming and developing software for the Mac and iPhone which i’ve now made a career out of.

So i have 3 books surplus to requirement that need a good home and helped me a lot during my early months and years.

Applescript - The Missing Manual.
Adobe Illustrator Scripting - VB and Applescript ( I originally worked in reprographics and this was big help)
Danny Goodmans Applescript Handbook (2nd Edition) It’s a classic!

PM me if your interested but please do bare in mind that these are thick heavy books so the postage might be expensive.

I’m based in the UK but happy to send over seas if need be. Ideally if you are in the UK and could collect.

Anyhow let me know and we can discuss further.