Applescript button Inspector not visible

Hi All,

In our Xcode project applescript button Inspector tab menus is not visible in the project windows.

Kindly give me samples or suggestion for this types of issues

Thanks in advance.


Which version of Xcode did you install? If you are in version 3, use this terminal command and relaunch Xcode:

defaults write IBEnableAppleScriptStudioSupport -bool YES

If you use Xcode 4, no way to bring it back. Applescript Studio (if this is what you are talking about) is no longer supported (officially) since Snow Leopard and the Xcode versions that run on it. Only AppleScriptObjC is supported now.

You can open and keep working on old AppleScript Studio projects as long as you use Xcode 3 and Snow leopard, but forget it if your on Lion and Xcode 4. And you can no longer create a new AppleScript Studio project with Xcode 3 and up.

Hope this helps!

Model: MBPro8,2
Browser: Safari 534.48.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)