AppleScript & Citrix 7


For my manager I was asked to create a script (I decided to use AppleScript) to automate the login procedure in a shared application.

First of all it might be of importance to mention that it is mandatory to have Citrix 7 (and not v10) doing the job.
Citrix 7, however, appears to be not scriptable. So, I bluntly use System Events to start the entire thing.

After the system started up, I realized multiple problems:

  1. Scripted mouse events seem not to get passed through (as if Citrix uses a protective glass to protect the terminal server within)
  2. Within the published application I need to select some checkboxes and the Windows-usual “Space” does not work
  3. Since it is a published application and not a server, at which he logs in, secondary programs (e.g. WScript) cannot be called up.

Therefore, I would like to know if someone here has an additional/alternative idea to realize this.

Thanks already for any replies!