AppleScript delegate without IB question


I would like to program a service and make that AppleScript-able, but do not how. Can anybody please help?
Normally one uses the file-delegate in IB to link the call of AppleScrit to an object. But since my service is without the call to NSApplication and there is really otherwise no need for anything visual, I need to know how to link the call manually to a class.
Therefore, I think I can solve my problem once I know how to make a class a delegate for AppleScript commands WITHOUT useing InterfaceBuilder.
Does anybody know how to do it?


Are you looking to call AppleScript from your Cocoa code or a Cocoa class from your Applescript code? Calling a class from AppleScript in Xcode is as easy as ‘call method “x” of class “y”’, it’s much more involved to go the other way but still feasible. You’re probably posting this in the wrong forum, however (better suited to the AppleScript Studio forum).


I was looking for a way how to make my COCOA service AppleScriptable. (How to enable AppleScript in my service-app, esp. how to set the object to which requests are delegated.)

I like Ken Ferry’s implementation (KFAppleScript Handler Additions):