applescript delete columns and sheets in excel

hi, I am without any experience with applescript therefore I need some help.
This is my problem. I have created an Automator run. The Programm takes a excel file from my webdisc and send it to some mail receiver. Now I want to delete some columns and some sheets from this excel file. I want to write an applscript for this action. Here is my trial.

tell application “Finder”

open document file "Liste AgHs aktuell.xls" of folder "impuls" of folder "Documents" of folder "user" of folder "Users" of startup disk

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	delete column 10 of sheet 1
	delete column 11 of sheet 1
	delete column 15 of sheet 1
	delete column 5 of sheet 2
	delete sheet "Beurteilung"
	delete sheet "Stundennachweis"
	delete sheet "Trainingsmaßnahme"
	delete sheet "Auswertungen"
end tell

delay 20

end tell
tell application “Microsoft Excel”
end tell

The problem is that Excel ask me “should I delete the sheet realy?” so, the script is waiting for my answer.
How could I stopp this question from excel? Or can I give a answer with applescript?

Model: powerbook with tiger
Browser: Safari 416.13
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

at first: have a good year 2006 and thank you for your answer.
but my aim is that my automatorsript, include with that applescript, should run automaticaly weekly with iCal. That idea is economise for my work. And I love this, if I can disburd my time.

Hi there,

try this,

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
set display alerts to false
delete sheet “Beurteilung”
end tell

Hi, fantastic!!
This was exactly the thing I was searching for. Now I can finished my Automator run.
And I can look to the clouds or something similar during the computer works.
Thank you.
cosmo :smiley: